22 juni, 2014

Urban hierarchy

It seems like city planner's first priority are buildings and structures. Then comes facilities for cars – cars occupy an enormous space in urban areas. After that comes cyclists and pedestrians. In the end, if there is any space left, they will plant a tree.

20 juni, 2014

Jakriborg is a neigbourhood in Hjärup, a suburb of Lund. Whoever glances at it from the passing train might find it very old and well-preserved in its quaintness. It’s not! It’s deceiving and mischievous. It’s the trickster’s doing.

It was actually built in the 90s by realtors Jakri AB as a pastiche of medieval building styles backed by modern building techniques – below these impressively high gables you can occasionally find a concrete base with underground parking. The streets were designed to mimic medieval vernacular urbanism, with curvy streets and narrow alleys but it all comes out too neatly. It’s not even local Scandinavian architecture that is pastiched, the whole thing just feels very Flemish or German.

Despite all this, the town common was nice enough to spend a few hours and have a picnic. The town is completely car-free in its inner streets and that certainly improves the quality of life for its denizens. Not a sound was heard for hours, except for a few neighbourly conversations. Doesn’t take medieval fake architecture to create nice living surroundings, but Jakriborg succeeds in that at least.

08 juni, 2014

Stress killer

If you experience high stress levels or unwanted anxiety, try these chinese balls. They are made from steel and have (in one fashion or another) been around since the 13th century, believed to promote health and longevity. So far I think they worked pretty well.

07 juni, 2014

Here nothing moves.

Yes, the trees are waving and birds are chirping but the rest remains silent and still. No one runs away when you take out your sketchbook. A walk down the graveyard can actually be inspiring.

29 maj, 2014

HSB Turning Torso i Malmö

HSB Turning Torso i Malmö
Santiago Calatrava arkitekten, skulptören och byggnadsingenjör från Spanien ritade Sveriges högsta bostadshus. Den skulptural skyskrapa är 54 våningar hög och vrider hela 90 grader från topp till botten!

The duty to sketch the common things

Thomas is a good sketching mate. He is patient and disciplined, which I am not. So, by a subtle sense of duty and companionship, he drives me from home (even when it's freezing cold) with the challenge of street sketching.

Different things flow from the pens and pencils when such a companion puts you outside of the comfort zone. He usually sits exactly where I wouldn't sit and sketches what I wouldn't sketch, because I wouldn't find it interesting or exciting enough. He does so, and so do I after spending a few moments in the tranquillity of everyday sights. The ability to permeate such sense and determination impresses me.

27 maj, 2014

Sketching at Ariman

One of my favourite places in Lund is Ariman, a bar that goes back at least one generation. For the young people, it's one of those places that has always been there, with reliable rock n' roll and cold beer. For the elders, it's a landmark and a meeting place for open discussion that goes back to the revolutionary 70s. It caters for both young and old, swedes and foreigners, in seemingly equal parts.

It has prime location both in commercial sense and in its exposure to the sun. When the vitamin D is pouring down upon the Earth, Ariman's tables outside in the narrow walking street are the place to be.