21 september, 2014

Countryside in Värmland


Scandinavia´s longest river is the Göta älv - Klarälven; in between is the lake Vänern. Klarälven ("The clear river") flows through both Norway and Sweden.  
Värmlands capital city Karlstad was built on the river delta with the Vänern.

The arrow on the sketch points at the newly built Karlstad Congress Culture Centre, Karlstad CCC in short, designed by the architect Ulf Bergfjord. The building was built by SPP Fastigheter AB and received Karlstads kommuns byggnadspris 2011.

Arvika station

14 augusti, 2014

Marie Flood

So it goes when sketching becomes a tool for meeting people and networking. I had met Marie Flood some months ago, during the exhibition at Martas Café. She was there as part of a fanzine market and we talked about meeting afterwards to sketch together. And we did, during a sunny afternoon – way too sunny for this latitude. We sought the relief of shade and the comfort of caffeine and talked for hours about art, architecture, people and ourselves before we even laid pen on paper.

When we finally did, I was happy that I chose an A4 sketchbook, so that the background would fit together with her portrait. I also had the chance to go through Marie’s impressive sketchbook. It was inspiring for me not only because of the quality of her sketches, but also because she sketches mainly from her imagination – something that doesn't come naturally to me any more after years of sketching what I see. She says imagination is like a muscle and needs practice. I guess she’s right. It’s like every other skill.

Lunds Stadstheater, Folkets hus, dans- och musikal gymnasium på Kiliansgatan