02 januari, 2014

Utzon in Lund

Sketching with my best friend from Portugal.

New architectural discovery: Jørn Utzon extended the scope of architecture typology in Lund!

A visit on one of my lasts days in Skåne for 2013.

28 december, 2013

New sketcher in the block

A few weeks ago I took the liberty of welcoming Thomas, the sketcher, to our digital abode. Although he doesn't live in Skåne, he comes by and sketches often, and has such a good time when he is around here that I couldn't refuse the membership in the blog. This was the last of a few nights he spent in Lund, while travelling to the north of Sweden. Today, he's bound southward, hoping to spend a couple more - and hopefully productive - days here.

At Ariman, he, Patrícia and I met Kenton, the architect (in the middle) whom we both worked with. He runs a small architecture office right behind Lunds Domkyrka.

21 december, 2013

Innerstaden av Lund


One of the many advantages of working in a family restaurant is having access to the making-of of many special yummies! The restaurant is closed for the weekends, so, in this particular summer weekend it was the stage for home-made pickles manufacturing. One of the disadvantages of watching the process unfold is that there is always extra labour for a pair of hands. Under the circumstances, a sketching pair of hands is a free pair of hands. Still, I managed to scrape off these quick ones.

The recipe:
- stuff dozens of jars with dill, garlic, bay leaves, chilli, white radishes, mustard seeds and black pepper;
- jam the cucumbers into the jars, as tight as they can get;
- fill with vinegar and salt broth.